The Caliber Collection

I'll be the first to admit that I don't actually pay much attention to brands of any sort - I like the clothes I like, and it doesn't matter what's what if I can't afford it, personally.  A few weeks ago, perusing Yahoo! in an attempt to stop feeling useless, I stumbled upon an article about The Caliber Collection, a line of jewelry made from guns turned in to or confiscated by the Newark Police Department.  Each piece is engraved with the serial number of the gun it was made from and where the gun comes from, and they come in steel and brass. They're beautiful, and bound to a good purpose, which is allowing a gun buyback program to continue to flourish.  Take a look at their site, read their story, and share them with people!  Hopefully, the people who can afford will buy.
brass bangle

steel cuff


ps: I forgot what days were what and set the wrong publishing time for this. Go me?


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