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I did not spend most of the past week having fun with outfits, doing homework, or hanging out with friends, or anything remotely good, or even anything bad that still involved moving. I spent Wednesday night/Thursday morning throwing up everything I'd eaten until I only had stomach acid left, and that too, for a grand total of about twelve hours of constant vomiting. I then proceeded to sleep for about thirty-six hours (seriously, I passed out on the couch at six am, and got up at six pm to announce I was going to bed, and...yeah). I think it's the Sydney Strain you've seen people talking about on online news sites, so be careful! My floor has had three people with this now, but there have also been outbreaks of neurovirus and flu around campus, so please be careful with your health! Be sensible, you should know all the stuff by now: blow your nose into tissue, not your hand PLEASE, wash your hands a lot (and moisturize - I know I hate to moisturize but it's good for you even though it feels weird at first), make sure you're eating good food and sleeping decently. If you do get sick, also be careful and mindful of others. Please, don't be like me and fall asleep on a communal couch. One of my floormates slept on it two days after me when he got locked out, and he spent yesterday with the same thing. (Of course, that's not wholly certain it came from it, since some other people have been around the other girl and I who had this much more than he has, including on the couch, who haven't had it, but just in case, I'm being super careful now).

All that said, I do have a few of the outfits I wore while I was feeling ok, so I'll show 'em off.

Shirt - Macy's | Belt/pants - F21 | Skirt - Wet Seal (I think?) | Boots - Charlotte Russe | Necklace - present

I wore this on Monday (I think - my memory of the week is very hazy...), which was fairly uneventful, and I think that was the first day of the snow? I really don't remember much of what happened this week, seriously, even though I was conscious for at least half of it.

Shirt/pants/boots - F21


This was Wednesday, before I realized I was getting sick (and unwisely tried to sleep it off... If you feel you're going to vomit, get something to throw up in or get in the bathroom, depending on how likely it is). Other than the whole being sick thing, I think Wednesday was a nice day. I hung out a bit with someone I'm interested in, I do remember that.

Dress (as shirt) - Charlotte Russe | Belt/skirt - F21 | Necklace - "purse strap" from JoAnn's

Fast-forward to Sunday, when I finally was conscious and feeling better, and therefore decided to experiment with clothes that weren't leggings and jeans and giant t-shirts. I still can't eat more than like three bites of anything without being uncomfortably full, but I certainly had more energy. Though, writing this today, I am still extremely tired, though I've only walked a mile and a half as opposed to my usual two to three and a half or more miles.


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  1. Beautiful looks! My favorite is the green top with the black skirt. Green is my favorite color and I love that the skirt is in tiers.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights
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