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On Friday the 11th, I moved back into my residence hall after a break primarily spent crying or staring at walls.  Yeah, not a good break.  My style at home reflected that mood - I don't think I wore a single, genuinely interesting outfit the entire time I was there.  Coming back to school has, oddly enough, brought me back to life.  I'm still two seconds away from tears at almost all times, but I'm interested in things again, and it shows.  I also dyed my hair black, and cut it some more.

On Saturday, I went into downtown Cleveland with one of my friends for a meeting.  While the dress code was business casual, which was easy for my friend, who wears lots of menswear, it wasn't so easy for me.  Luckily, I found a solution - and also managed to get use out of a shirt I thought I was going to have to give up on wearing.

Shirt - Deb | Sweater - present | Skirt/belt/shoes - F21

Sunday saw a rather similar look, as I wasn't feeling too creative quite yet.  The only rule was it had to be warm, since I was heading to Target, which involved an hour-and-a-half journey using significant amounts of walking, train, and bus.  It worked!

Shirt - school uniform | Sweater - present | Pants - Windsor | Boots/headband - F21

I forgot to document Monday, but Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday all saw a pretty much identical outfit - skinny jeans, some shirt that didn't even matter, my Homestuck hoodie, and my coat. Basically, I looked like this...

Coat/pants - F21 | Boots - Charlotte Russe | Purse - Target | Hoodie - WhatPumpkin

Friday saw some variation.  And by "some variation", I mean...  Just look at those pants.  Also, check out that shirt, dyed by me, in my washing machine!  And that vest, which was actually the top to some old bridesmaid dress I picked up for $10 at a Goodwill in Chicago.  (The one good part of my break was going to Chicago for my friend's funeral.  Weird that it's a good part, right?  I guess it was, though, because I was with some of our friends, so I had people who didn't just expect me to not be upset and on edge, and so... Yeah).

Shirt - swiped from Mom | Vest/necklace - thrifted | Pants - Wet Seal | Shoes - Target

Saturday was a repeat of Tuesday-Thursday, but Sunday looked much better.  Despite the ridiculously low temperatures, I decided to go for a short skirt.  At least the only time I left the res hall was to eat, or it would have been a much less fun day...  I was super productive, and it was awesome!

Shirt - JC Penny's | Belt - Papaya | Skirt (actually a jumper/dress) - school uniform | Tights/shoes - Target | Headband - F21

There we go, my first week of back-at-college outfits. Go me.


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