What is this Madness?

And by 'this madness', I mean my hair. It's turned into my eyes; nobody agrees on what color it is. I've had everything from black (?) to blonde (???????????????????) It's red. A really dark red that looks brown under certain lighting, but is very definitely red. It's done wonders for convincing me that a lot of people have bad eyesight...

taken at six in the morning...

this is the face of confusion

I've also gotten asked if my hair was purple... The answer is "No. Not yet..." (I do know I ranted about this in my last post too...but I thought I ought to do so a bit more). Still working on getting more pictures of my hair... I really need an outside one, but I'm always inside; school, homework, ballet, everything. Still need to do my senior pictures, I have a college interview with one of the Admissions Directors for my dream school today (eep!), and so much more. I missed school yesterday because I was sick (am sick, if you wanna get technical). Something about living with a small child/little petri dish...

I'm going to attempt to get up at least two posts this week, as I try to get back onto some sort of schedule. And my room is almost done. ;) I can promise an extra-long post all about it when everything is done and in-place.


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