welp, I've returned

Thank you for the comments on my last blog post.  This has been a slightly longer break than I initially intended (oops?) but I think I needed it.  And I mean, I got an A in my class, so maybe it helped with that.  My GPA's certainly thanking me (it'll hate me when I start math in a few weeks... sigh).  Aside from papers, my life's kind of been consumed by a summer romance.  I'm clearly making up for all my very non-stereotypical-teenagery summers spent sitting in my room online not actually speaking, considering that this summer's seen a couple of beach trips, a road trip, and all manner of silliness.  Such as having wizard duels by a campfire and trying to convince our friend to let us burn a sponge (that hopefully flammable adventure's being saved for fall semester, though).

I'm still working on figuring out exactly what I want to do with this blog, precisely. I'll be posting some photo diary adventurey things over the next couple of weeks before classes start, and then some more during the first couple of weeks of classes, and then I intend to return to regular, daily updates, hopefully with a better idea of what I'm actually trying to do with this blog.

Until my first photo diary goes up, though, I present you the photo diary of Charles Xavier, who typically lives in my friend Tasha's purse, and goes places.  I would also like to register that this is one of the less overwhelmingly nerdy things in my life.  (And that all pictures are taken from her facebook, because she has an album for this).

"Charles finds his happy place"

"Charles will catch up with you all later"

"Charles enjoys the warmth against his plastic but not melting face"

Hope everything's been alright with all of y'all, and posts of a regularish nature start next week!


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