There is a place, located in the Wisconsin Dells, known as WizardQuest.

It's an interactive game/labyrinth sort of thing where you figure out puzzles in order to free trapped wizards to keep the 'realms' they rule safe.  It's technically meant for little kids.  It's also the most fun thing I've done all summer.

I went with a group of friends (faces blocked out cuz, y'know, privacy.  I'd block out the school shirt if it wasn't already out where I go to uni.  I should eventually actually talk to them about whether or not they're okay with being on my blog...course I also have to tell them I have a blog in order to do that...)

My friend Nick and I left Cleveland on a Friday evening...after taking a bunch of pictures cuz we could.

Our next stop was in Indiana to pick up our friend Sarah, and then on till Chicago and Tasha's cats house!  The next morning we loaded up the car and raced away to Wisconsin, where we found interesting gems like this advertisement...

And then........WIZARDQUEST.  (After a stop in an inordinately fancy McDonald's, of course).

Highlights included the ball pit and spinny chairs and a room lit by only a blacklight with a stuffed chicken perched atop it.

I freed one of the wizards!  We only freed three of the four though, because our glimmers kept decreasing even when we had enough, which was sad. :c

Afterwards, we went shopping at....!

We purchased Harry Potter wands, once we realized they stocked them.  Naturally, I got Harry's wand.

Afterwards, we went camping.  It was an adventure to find a campground, as we couldn't find the one we'd reserved at (they listed the wrong location on their website...yeah, a major fail).  We made delicious food and had wand battles over the campfire.

And then we went to hike and swim at a nearby park, which was quite fun.

And then we departed, home-bound, leaving only the first part of our school's name in the sand (as you do).

It was a lovely little vacation, and I hope I get to do more things like this in the future!

What sort of fun things have y'all been up to while I've been out of the loop?

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  1. I've been wanting to go on a road trip with my friends, and this one sounded really fun! I almost bought a HP wand at HP world when I visited, but they were just too darn expensive. Your trip was planned out really well--I wish I could pack in a theme park, beach visit, and camping all in one go!




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