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I intended to post this week...and didn't.  It can be very difficult to feel motivated to work on blog posts when there are a trillion and seven other things happening in your life, and I guess I've been trying to do too many things, because blogging isn't particularly fun right now.  (Or maybe that's the thought of all the essays I need to write that's making it feel not fun).  A break's a logical thing, right?  On the other hand, I don't want to just leave this sitting here, blank and bleak, especially since that introduces bad habits for the school year (*cough* just look at my 2011/2012 posts for evidence of that...)  I want a break, but I don't want to go too far away from the blog, and I'd like to figure out something that works for summers in general, because (for some reason) I'm always least interested in writing on here during them.  Maybe because I get really boring, clothing-wise, really fast?  It's a possibility.  Anyways, what I'd like to know, from you, my readers, is: Would once-weekly or once every two week 'photo diary' posts a la Lauren Conrad be acceptable?  I mean, I'm probably going to go that route regardless, but I'm curious to hear from y'all, so tell me!

Also: Do you guys have this problem?  How do you handle it?

ps: my back and shoulder have started peeling and everything hurts so much less now!


  1. I think it is important to figure out a schedule that works for you and that you are happy with. I have always believed blogging has to be something you enjoy or else what is the point. When I think I am going to need a little break I try to create enough post and schedule them in advance but I know sometimes inspiration for posts can be hard to find.

    Tracy @

  2. I kind of agree with you because i'm going through the same thing. Blogging isn't fun anymore and it's kind of become 'work' because of the essays one has to write. Now I understand why most blogs are picture diaries anyway. I think you can get away with posting pictures only for a while, after all, very few people read anyway and then get your creative juices charged up again :)


  3. You are one of my favorite commenters, and I would love for you to keep updating your blog. That being said, blogging should not be a drag on your life, so it might be best to just take a break all together for a week or two, and then figure out how often you want to post.


  4. I MISS YOU! I mean it really is up to you for what makes sense! Post when you are excited about posting, you know what I mean? I have been so busy too, so there have been a lot less outfit posts. I HATE taking pictures when I'm crazy busy. The last thing I want to do is stand in front of a camera or go about making a post. I have been doing more simple posts via Polyvore and what not :) Photo diary posts would be great!


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