home for the next year

I actually moved into my new residence hall a week ago (see my freshman dorm and summer dorm; they're not too different, other than size).  Unlike moving into my summer dorm, I had sheets already for this, and I had the help of a coworker before she went back home to get a few weeks break in before school started again.  My things are also in the suite proper this time - only two of my suitemates have moved their things in so far; our most compelling feature thus far is our growing mini-fridge farm).

Our entryway's simple; trash and a coat rack.  I'm hoping to figure out somewhere else for the bins because I don't like them there (not that anywhere else is better?)

Mini-fridge farm!  We're expecting like two-three more; stacking may be required.  Also, guess which is mine (hint: all the food is on it).

We have tables and things!  Also...those blinds.  Yeah.  Spending time untying knots is on my list...

The hall to my room, entering my room.  It looks dull, right?

Wrong.  It's fairly colorful, though I'm not yet done decorating.  I really like my dresser.

A while back, someone asked what sort of fanart I had on my walls.  I never managed to answer, being the lazy-ass I am, but here's a selection: Homestuck, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and Sailor Moon.  Also, you can see part of my headboard-pride flag here.

The top of my wardrobe (wisely taken before laundry piles up...)

My bookshelf and desk.  More Homestuck is on the walls (telling me to do my homework, naturally), as well as some wall art I made from a Miuccia Prada quote that I featured in a Favorites post a while ago: "The investigation of ugliness is, to me, more interesting than the bourgeois idea of beauty. And why? Because ugly is human. It touches the bad and the dirty side of people".  I put her name and the bolded piece in pink.  I think that as a fashion blogger and artist, as well as someone who spends too much time trying to be perfect, it's important to see things like this every day, and to think about them and examine them.  I also have some cute cards from a local festival and last year's Cinematheque Miyazaki series.  My bags are all hidden under the bottom of the bookshelf, by the way.  It's a useful spot.

The shelving on my desk, which holds all manner of useful things, and part of my bed.  That hanging rack wouldn't fit over my door (it's too tall and close to the frame), so it went on one of my spare railings, which handily stacked on the foot.  My friend memory board thing is propped up on the power strip, and I've got a world map (favorite thing eeeeeever).

And finally...

My shoes are under my bed (along with various other things).  There are kind of a lot of them, and you can't even see them all in this.  I kind of have a shoe problem, don't I?  Sigh...

If you've moved into a dorm or new place recently, how have you organized it?  How did you deal with having a closet for a room?  (Seriously, my room's about 8'x9', just barely, and that's not accounting for the inset window that takes a foot off, or the piping that also takes a foot off... It's more like 7'x8' with that stuff...)

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  1. I lived in a dorm too when I was in college, it was so much fun!


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