Say Goodbye to the Hair

Except for one last set of pictures that you'll be seeing shortly, this is the last you're going to see of my "long" curls for quite a while. I like the short hair, so I believe I'll maintain it for a while. Oh, did I mention, I also got nude heels back on that trip to visit my grandmother. We're visiting her again this weekend, after my other two root canals.

First up, clothes from a choir concert! My uniform, and the outfit I wore for the fun stuff. (If you look closely, you can see how much my body has changed in the past year based off how awkwardly this dress fits. Proof that your body doesn't stop changing just because you're an "adult").
Shirt - F21 | Jeans - Macy's | Shoes - some tiny store in Arkansas | Jewelry - F21, thrifted, R21, Jewelmint

Figures I'd find the perfect shoes in another state. Not that I'm complaining about having them! They're really fun, and I love them.


  1. Love the nude heels. You are gorgeous!

  2. Those shoes are rather impressive. I am also a high school student, but I would never be able to wear those. And I kind of wish we had choir uniforms. We just wear black on black.

    By the way, I just found your blog, and I love it. Would you like to follow each other?

    1. They are! Don't worry - a lot of people can't wear heels. It really depends on your foot shape, your arch, and your ability to balance. And choir uniforms are definitely nice - we didn't have them till my junior year, and it was always so awkward trying to figure out what to wear so we looked like a choir and not an ensemble.

      I do love your blog as well. Especially the title. All hail the art of procrastination!


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