I've worn so many dresses and skirts lately, it's really impressive. Especially after the years of being anti-skirt! It's kind of...amazing. I've found one makeup thing that I can manage to do semi-regularly - bold, filled-in brows, every day (up until I lost my eyeliner pencil for that... Motivation to clean up the mess sometimes known as my floor). Everything is, as I've mentioned, a mess because of graduation. There are parties right and left and on towards the second star to the right, dozens of job applications needing to be filled out (in internet speak: gbjnhrjneknjibneji), regularly scheduled panic attacks about "oh no I'm an adult now how do you adult!?", etc. All these pictures, by the way, are of before I cut my hair. We'll get to post-cut pictures soon enough...

Dress - F21 | Jacket/Shoes - thrifted

I wore this to my Government class' trip to jail and court a while back. It was a fascinating trip - jails now are so different from what you see on TV and in books, it's amazing, courtrooms are actually really boring. (Seriously, courtrooms are the most boring place on the planet... I fell asleep three times in there, until the bailiff woke me up, and I was nowhere close to the only one). I'm definitely not interested in working in law after that visit - probably a good thing to know what it's really like, since I had been contemplating that as a potential thing. I also wore this outfit about a week ago, visiting my grandmother in Arkansas at the hospital she has been stuck at for bronchitis for quite a while. Happily, she started recovering shortly after we visited, so hopefully we'll manage to see her at her house this summer before I go off to college!

I do not remember what I wore the following outfit for, but I found it in my picture files and went "wait what OH MY GOSH". I'm a fan of scarfs as belts, definitely...

Shirt/skirt - F21 | Scarf - The Meadows Museum | Necklace/majority of bracelets - F21 | Sandals - Charlotte Russe

Look at how absolutely white my back is... Just stare at how blinding it is. That is why I don't wear bikinis, people!

Finally, a look from one of the numerous graduation parties I've been attending lately. (If you want an idea of the numbers without making my tired brain attempt to count...well, it's been enough that I actually forgot to get pictures of the one I went to today...not that it was great, as I got the time mixed up with one of the ones later this week, and had to get into something appropriate for a party instead of yard work... People with good phones, here's a tip - use alerts on your calendar, it's a life-saver and keeps you from being unintentionally rude to your friends!) Anyhow, the theme of this party was "English Tea Party" and we were under strict orders to wear hats. I happily obliged!

Hat - Wet Seal | Vest - thrifted | Dress/bracelet - F21 | Shoes - Blanco | Ring - Jewelmint | Necklace/scarf (on hat) - gifts

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  1. Your outfits look great! I'm about to graduate soon so I am caught up with college application to transfer, getting another job and attend events. Putting alarm on my phone is the number one thing I do, but if I get too busy I might forget, so thanks for the tip. P.S. love the trick of using scarf as belts, might even try that too!

    XO Jojo


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