I'm Back!

Oh my... I certainly fell off the face of the Earth again, didn't I? Sorry about that... Graduation and job-hunting has sort of taken over my life, quite frankly, along with learning to code designs of webpages. Prom overtook my life too, for a little bit, but graduation has been The Ultimate in "let's make Sue panic, it'll be fuuuuuuuun!!!"  I've been doing everything - hunting for "that" dress, decorating my cap (and figuring out how to wear it), trying to figure out dorms (I still don't have a roommate...if, by some miracle, someone from CWRU still minus a roomie is reading this, PLEASE hunt my face down on facebook and talk to me!), staring aimlessly at my screen contemplating the mechanics of time, and coming up with dozens of ideas I will probably never have the time or energy or money to put into action. (I know the exact type of home I want when I'm older, but I don't even know the sort of career I want... I don't think that's fair!)

Oh, and in between all the test-taking, job-applying, and general nuttiness, I somehow got bored last week, found a pair of scissors and my trash can, and, well...

What do you think? I'm excited, because I haven't had short hair since ninth grade, and, what can I say, my scissors did a heck of a better job than the scissors of the person I paid almost $100 to for a mess. I definitely think there are still reasons to have hairdressers, but...make sure you're very specific and don't just say "short". The spirit of my chop in ninth grade is begging you. (I wanted hair like Charlize Theron as Aeon Flux, I got hair like Adrian Grenier). Anyhow, that's my big change. (I'm aware that cutting it before graduation was crazy, but my cures to boredom are unfortunately impulsive. They do always work, though!) I've got a blogger award to respond to, a TON of outfits to get up, and quite a few graduation parties to go to, but I don't intend to fall off the internet again until my first college finals week.

See you tomorrow!


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