Cowboy Boots and Chairs

So if you've looked at my twitter feed recently you might have noticed my grandiose revelation that I don't need to post all the time. I think that's relieved about fifty percent of the stress I've been under lately! (The other approximately fifty percent is made up of the AP Government Exam, prom, the AP Government Exam, the AP English Exam, graduation, finding a roommate for my dorm room, trying to find a paying job...okay maybe I only got rid of like ten percent of my stress, but still!) Basically, it means I stop spending time feeling bad about not posting "on time" and just post when I feel like it. Pressure goes off, and enjoyment kicks in.

Anyhow, let's just show off some assorted outfits and what I wore them to, shall we? I've got a lot of outfits to post (not all today, or even this week... I'm contending posting with exams and job-hunting). Expect them randomly~!

First up, what I wore to two different graduation parties!

Dress - F21 | Sunnies - R21 | Heels - Blanco | Luxor Ring - JewelMint |

Kind of bad pictures, alas, but I couldn't see very well that day, and thought they looked fine - right till I uploaded them to my computer. Sigh. At least, given the sheer bombardment of compliments I received, this whole outfit worked quite well.

This next outfit you might recognize as my Homecoming dress - hey, I reuse things shamelessly!

Dress - Fallas | Vest - A'gaci | Headband - Claire's | Bracelets - mostly F21 | Boots - 


I'll have more outfits coming sometime later! Till then~

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  1. I love your blog! I just awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award. Please check it out on my blog.


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