30 for 30 Challenge: Day Seventeen, outfit eighteen

I'm writing this at almost 5:30 in the morning, having not slept at all because I was too busy doing stuff...I'm not actually entirely sure what I was doing. But I meant to write this at six this afternoon, and it's now eleven hours later.

Oxford - school uniform | Belt- ??? | Dress - Forever 21 | Shoes (that you can't see) - Payless

I love maxi dresses, and really want to have more. But I think the pricing is kinda ridiculous. Twenty bucks for a see-through dress with a slit up the side and a hem that I trip on? Extreme example, but I see it frequently. This thing was twelve bucks on sale. I want colorful maxi plz. Really, I want more color in my wardrobe full stop.

I've finally gotten sick of this challenge, by the way. Still, eighteen outfits in is pretty good. I'll finish it and move on quite happily, I think.


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