30 for 30 Challenge: Day Fourteen

Yesterday, I wasn't planning on going anywhere. But dressed like I was. So I did wind up going somewhere. Hm. I'll have to try that strategy again...

Also, want to know something embarrassing? I am a terrible counter. Absolutely TERRIBLE. I showed my dad the clothes I was using for this challenge, and he pretty much immediately knew I didn't have thirty items. So, I'm adding in two skirts, this blue one (I'd previously subbed in something else because I'd lost enough weight it wasn't fitting right, but I've figured out how to make it work again - think safety pins), and the floral one I bought at the mall last weekend. If I do this challenge again, I'm making somebody else count it for me so I know I have thirty.

Sunglasses - CVS | Blazer - A'gaci | Shirt and skirt - DEB | Shoes - Blanco (Spain) | Bracelet - unknown | Ring - gifted


I also got a package from Lands End today, which contained an awesome (TEN DOLLAR) tote bag and a pretty cool swimsuit. My current one is still good and all, but I wanted something else because...well, I have bad luck with swimsuits.


I should get quite a bit of use from these. Especially from the bag, since it can be used for tons of things. We leave for Cali on the fourteenth! WE WE WE SO EXCITED. (Okay, sorry, had to. Friday created the biggest craze ever at my school when it went viral, and I still haven't recovered from the habit of using the lyrics to punctuate things...)

And as we head into the weekend, I'm happily perusing a few blogs and contemplating what to wear for some of my other days.


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