We'll See...

Hi!  So, I said there'd be a post on Friday.  Unfortunately, my computer decided to kick the bucket last week.  It's fixable, but requires an external hard drive, and so fixing it is going to be my focus this week.  If I'm lucky, it'll go quickly, but there is a possibility I'll have to completely erase everything on my hard drive, and that means I won't have a lot of the files I'd be using for some upcoming posts.  (Not that it's likely I'll get anything up for a little while anyways).

Also, the moral of this story is, buy an external hard drive, and ask a hardware person advice on it too before you buy if you're not a hardware person yourself, and then back your files up regularly.  That is my new plan in life because being unable to access anything with my computer is crazy stressful and terrifying.

Hopefully I'll be able to come back soon!


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