(Note, apologies this is later than I said it would be...  I forgot to schedule it, and spent the entirety of Sunday on other things, and didn't realize this hadn't gone up until it was Monday night.  Sorry!)

I'm a big fan of fashion sneakers.  And no, I don't mean sneaker wedges.  In fact, I have a very precise and coordinated loathing for sneaker wedges.  Sorry to any people who do like them, they're just very much not my thing.  My thing in shoes, especially right now, living on a campus where I walk about five miles a day, is that they have to be comfortable and cute and easy to work into things.  Basically, I live in flat anything.

The thing I like about sneakers even more than flats is that they never dig into the well-established cuts on the back of my feet.  It's really nice.  Plus, I can wear socks with them and it doesn't look weird.  The best thing ever is wearing sneakers with something fancy and getting told you look fantastic.

My favorite owned/dream fashion sneakers...

I own two pairs of these in two different colors, and they're absolutely fantastic.  Also, washable, which is wonderful when you live somewhere that has mud even when it hasn't rained in a week...  I love these like crazy.


So I obviously have a thing for low-cut sneakers that aren't flashy colors...but I like the studs on these, and I also can say I've never had an issue with F21 shoes being comfortable or not lasting for a while.  We're going on several years with some of my shoes from there, and they're still holding up well.  (It does always depend on the shoes from them, I know, but I'm generally pretty good at finding the good ones).

Now for something a little different...

Why yes, this is just a differently colored version of the shoes Wendy Davis wore for her extremely lengthy filibuster this summer.  I don't think I need to say why I'm pretty sure these are excellent shoes, though I will admit to preferring this to the bright pink ones she wore (though those were definitely awesome).

What do you think of fashion sneakers?  (Or just sneakers in general...tell me I'm not the only one who had a weird phase where I thought I needed to shun them when I first got into fashion...)

Now, to actually getting my next post up this Friday, and not trying to put it up on the same day as the next elections chapter...

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  1. I don't really own any sneakers (other than the ones I wear to workout) but I have been thinking I need a pair that is comfy for casual days.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights


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