wool coats

It's been a long time since there's been a Bloggers Do It Better challenge, and this lined up with Cleveland's "lovely" weather - wool coats, right in time for the first snow. (IT'S ONLY OCTOBER, COME ON CLEVELAND).  Literally, I'm pretty sure I read the challenge after I got dressed on Wednesday.

For clarification, this is what we looked like on Wednesday:

It was nuts, because we had thunderhail (and a guy at the RTA rapping about the thunderhail, but that's a different story), and thundersnow, and thundersleet, as well as just old-fashioned thunderstorms.  A very good day for warm coats and umbrellas...

Coat/earrings on coat/bracelets - F21 | Dress - The Limited | Tights - WalMart | Shoes - PayLess

Also, can I just say, I took these pictures like right after eating wayyyy too much food...  It was a bad idea.  Such a bad idea.  I pretty much went to bed straight after this, honestly.

Winter isn't just coming y'all.  It's here.  Now go check out the linkup to see what other people did!


  1. Hi Sue, you have snow this early in the year? I am pretty jealous, we only vaguely get snow every five years or so and it only lasts like 2 days. Lets swap climates! I love your combinations of blues, the dress is so elegant on you and adore the cobalt blue coat, what a striking piece! P.S I wish I could go back in time and change my prom dress too. Stopping by to wish you a wonderful weekend.

  2. oh my goodness, that storm sounded liked the reckoning! haha yikes. and i love the color of your dress- SO eye catching :)

    xo marlen
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