What Rhymes with Orange?

Everyone tends to have a signature something - a lot of people talk about signature scents, for example. It's something seen as characterizing or defining your presence.  According to my friends, my signature is that I really have a thing for orange bags, enough so that one of my friends once thought a tall Asian guy was me - and didn't realize his mistake until he was about to hug the guy.  Unfortunately, one of my orange purses has died (though maybe I can fix that by using weird methods to turn it into a cross body? The attached handles kind of broke off...) and my normal bag is slowly having the covering on the strap wear off, and therefore, I'm looking for a new purse, in case the "let me play Frankenstein with my purse" thing doesn't pay off.

So what do you look for in a purse?  I know what I look for (besides it being orange): I want it to be gigantic and hold all my books so that I don't have to carry my highschool backpack (I know, I could get a cute new one, but I really just like having crossbody bags rather than things that I have to hold onto or that go on my back; big isn't a dealbreaker, it's just something that would be a thing in an ideal world), under $50 because I'm a poor college student with student loans who's trying to build a professional wardrobe (even if I am considering spending like $70 on a Nicholas Cage morphsuit...but we all have our priorities, and mine may be weirder than other people's), and then I just hope that it will stand up to the constant abuse of incessantly changing weather and daily use, because I do not have the time to switch things between bags.

So, some purses I'd like...whether or not I can afford them:

So this isn't in orange, it's sold out, and it's WAY too expensive.  But I really wish it was in orange and that I could afford it, so it totally counts, right?

Actually affordable: absolutely!  Also, cool gold accents.  I appreciate this a lot.

Look, it's a large-ish bag!  It's unfortunately expensive, though, but it looks so good.

It's affordable, it's cute, and I do like it.

So cute.  And so sold out.  Not that it would've fit half the stuff I carry around, but y'know...

Oh, and then there's this DIY...  Maybe I'll eventually have time to make this?  (And figure out how to turn it into a crossbody...)

I'll probably hold off on actually buying a new purse till I have the opportunity to create the Frankenpurse, but it's always fun to go looking and see what's available.  There's a depressing lack of available and affordable orange bags, but at least there are some!

Do you have any off-kilter signatures?


  1. I've been looking for an orange cross-body so I really like the last one, although it only looks big enough for my phone. A lot of girls around here have Longchamp bags and they claim that they hold up really well, even with schoolbooks inside. My signature would have to be statement jewelry or jackets, although ironically, I don't get to wear outerwear that often in Houston. I guess I hoard jackets like other girls chase after shoes or bags!



  2. Hi Sue, so great to hear from you! How are things, sounds so hectic. Are you enjoying the maths classes? If not that would be a reason to drop it but if you like it, then hopefully you can juggle it in somewhere. You have made me wonder whats my signature now, I don't even know if I have one. An orange bag is a great one to have, really unique! I love the second bag you features, I agree, handsfree crossbody satchels are the way to go. The DIY idea is brilliant, want to try it sometime. I am grateful for your comments. You are so thoughtful to always stop by. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  3. Thanks for stopping by...such a pity that maths is a requisite, I am just grateful now that I didn't have to take it further than high school, its one of my worst subjects. I will have to figure out my signature now that you mention it! Hope you're having a great and productive week so far!


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