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It's been a bit of a nutty time for me recently, as you mighta noticed by the approximate two-week absence.  Starting class definitely took a toll on my time (a Case grad I was talking to recently told "you're fucking insane!" when I told her I was taking a class while working) as did going back to Texas.  Seriously, visiting my parents made me less energetic than running around with friends the whole weekend would have.  Granted, hanging out with friends would have been severely lacking in feline and canine perks, soooo...

Anyways, here are some things I've worn over the past few weeks, presented without much commentary - I didn't get any good pictures in Texas, because there was nowhere to shoot from (seriously! All my old places are GONE, somehow).  I also only have one picture from Cleveland Pride, since I spent the entire parade holding a giant sign.

Shirt - F21 | Short - Wet Seal | Shoes - H&M

Shirt - Kohl's | Skirt/belt - F21 | Necklace - great-aunt's

Shirt/skirt/hairthing - F21 | Shoes - PayLess | Bracelet - made by me

Skirt (as dress) - TJ Maxx | Scarf/necklace - presents | Belt - Papaya | Shoes - Charlotte Russe | Headband - ???

Dress - F21 | Shoes - thrifted | Bracelet - Jewelmint

And finally...the promised picture from Pride! Let's take a moment to appreciate how short I am, compared to my friends...

How have you been these past few weeks?

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  1. LOVE that peplum skirt and skinny strap dress! So amazing :)

  2. I love the 4th outfit down the most---it has a kind of mysterious, vintage vixen vibe to it (and I just scored major points for alliteration).

    Your friend's rainbow headband wins the day, I'm afraid. If you took any other pics at Pride, I'd love to see them! I attended National Pride here in D.C. for the first time and saw people in outfits that put haute couture to shame.



  3. it sure isn't easy going to school while working, so i give you credit! i worked full time while going to school full time at night.

    love the colors in your june 26th outfit!



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