Something Old

I've got a few old outfit images that have been hanging around collecting dust from the summer, so I figured I'd dust them off, show them off, and explain to you just how bloody hard I find dressing for warmth.

First outfit is from June. Yeah, June. Should've showed up ages ago, right? Yes, you are completely correct. Instead, it just lurked on my camera, got uploaded to this computer when I got to college, and has languished since. No more! (Also, guys, I have FINALLY mastered iPhoto, be proud of me! ...also that's why these pictures got kind of weird, because I messed around with them trying to figure out how things worked. The red-eye leaves a lot to be desired/is useless, but the coloration effects are interesting).

Dress - F21 | Shoes - Payless | Necklace - thrifted

This next outfit has been around since July. Yeah... Not as bad as June, right? Well. Not quite as bad. Almost. But less awful by a month, however that quantifies.

Top - DEB | Necklace/shoes - thrifted | Pants - Macy's? | Bow/bracelet - F21 | Scarf - The Meadows Museum

Now, I said I'd talk about my problems dressing for cold weather. Weeeeeell, they're easily summed up by this: I have no idea how to layer, it's 32°F outside, and my warmest coats are already starting to not be warm enough, and it's only November! I mean, I've been doing better since I had my parents ship up all my long skirts - more on that later - but it's still kind of difficult to figure it out. I'm used to dressing to look nice while not burning up, so while I've actually always kind of dreamed of this freezing weather, it's proving to be a little bit difficult to live with in actuality. If anyone who reads this has tips to share, I'd love to hear them, because, unfortunately, I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that I don't follow very many people who have to deal with legitimate cold. Or...actually, let me rephrase that. I'm not following many transported southerners who have to deal with legitimate cold that also know how to deal with it! Qualifiers there... Yeah.

I'm slowly working towards resuming a semblance of normal blogging, as I'm learning better how to balance my schoolwork with friends, my online social life/responsibilities to friends, a sleep schedule, and that all wasn't enough so let's try to add blogging back into it! So I'm going to try to. I also want to start being less of a constant outfit spam kind of blogger so that I can feel allowed to have days where I sit around in a tee and shorts and don't touch my hair and put up some tutorials or art or something. I like to feel like I'm creating and producing things that are worthwhile, and really, I haven't felt like I've been producing anything in quite a while. (Which is part of the reason I'm hitting blogging back up - I like to think that maybe I'll start trying out the things I want to do if I keep seeing people who are also doing them...) I don't honestly know. I want to do something with this blog. It's been meandering around kind of aimlessly since I first made it, and so...we'll see.

Also, Fantabulously Pinteresting is totally resuming (finally) next week, y'all.





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