My Halloween costume this year was inspired by finally seeing The Avengers, I will admit. You would think that at a university where almost everyone is pre-med or engineering and therefore inundated by constant homework and fretting about grades, that Halloween would be overshadowed by panic over midterms, but I think Halloween is the most popular event at the school. This could be because Halloween only requires you to wear a costume, and doesn't necessarily mean you need to party, but most people seemed to be making their costumes - or props - from scraps. For example, one of my engineering friends made another of our friends an Iron Man hand. (It even had LED lights to create the glow from the pulser thingies). To be fair, he also spent about a week making a Daft Punk helmet for his own costume. (We're plotting to make a Thor costume for next year, for his roommate, who is like a shorter Chris Hemsworth). My costume required much less effort - although, I think that if I reprise it next year, I'll have to acquire some extra props - because it only required a few items from my own wardrobe to become the Black Widow.

Vest/blazer - thrifted | Pants - Windsor | Boots - Charlotte Russe

There's also some snazzy face-paint in there from the Halloween festival the student programming board held here, which was fun.

How was your Halloween? Did you dress up?


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