Sundry Outfits pretty much a shallow excuse to show off my blazer some more. I'm sorry, I'm just in love with it, now that it's cold and I'm not sweltering when I try to wear it. Clearly, the way to deal with this is to move somewhere it's about fifty degrees Fahrenheit year round. Any suggestions~?

First up, I wore this to my parent's church group thing where I got an awesome silver dish now housing some of my bracelets (because my collection's outgrown the three things I've got holding bracelets...) among other things. I love Secret Santa stuff!

Hat/Pants - F21 | Shirt - Kohl's | Blazer - thrifted | Shoes - Wet Seal | Socks - a present...

Next, an outfit I wore out on errands (one of which included picking up paint chips for a project that will be forthcoming |D ). I've been feeling like dressing up for errands, lately, so I'm just going with it.

Hat - Target | Blazer - thrifted | Shirt/pants - F21 | Heels - Payless

Still trying to decide how I feel about wearing that shirt. But I also think I need to work on my posing. xD;

Last one, wore on this past Sunday to a harp concert, which was wonderful. ^^
Flower pin/pants - F21 | Blazer - thrifted | Shirt - Kohl's | Shoes - Payless | Necklace - R21

Clearly, I need to find a lighter blazer for summer for as long as I'm stuck with the heat. xD

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  1. adore the pop of red. stunning. thanks for sharing, love. i hope you and your family had a truly wonderful weekend. xo


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